Dr. Manuel Pérez-Tello

Full-time Professor
t. of Chemical Engineering & Metallurgy, University of Sonora
Blvd. Luis Encinas & Rosales. Hermosillo,
Sonora, México 83000



Research Interests

My major research interests include the mathematical modeling of processes involving the transport momentum, heat, and mass; the experimental study of noncatalytic gas-solid reactions at high temperatures, and the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for the analysis of several chemical and metallurgical processes.

I am currently conducting research aimed at elucidating the mechanisms governing the expansion and fragmentation of sulfide particles during oxidation in flash smelting and flash converting reactors. Such studies are related to the generation of dust, which cause a number of operational and environmental problems in the copper industry.


Undergraduate course: Fundamentals of Mass Transfer
Graduate courses: Transport Phenomena, Solid-Fluid Reaction Engineering



B.S., Chemical Petroleum Engineering, National Polytechnic Institute. Mexico city, 1987. (Adviser: Dr. Alfredo Arriola-Torres)

M.Sc., Chemical Engineering,  National Polytechnic Institute. Mexico city, 1988. (Adviser: Dr. Alfredo Arriola-Torres)

Ph.D., Chemical and Fuels Engineering, University of Utah, 1999.  (Adviser: Dr. Hong Yong Sohn).


Peer-Reviewed Publications

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